Three Cameras

Soviet Gomz Fotokor-1 camera photographed through Kalloflex K2 with Nikon D800. Cinefoil was there to get rid of the reflections, outer parts of the kalloflex were photographed without it.

All Good Things Come to an End

Just wanted to photograph something…

Ticking of the old clock is getting louder and I realize that the time is running out. I look at the last leaves and it seems that they have withered a long time ago. Light, something is happening to it, it’s fading. Is this the end? This always felt to be so far away, but as they say, all good things come to an end. I feel irresistible need to lay down to the cold floor and finally surrender to the strange warm that is surrounding me…

Male Portraits

We had a male portrait day at the studio. Original plan was to photograph Jan-Peter’s new tattoo but couple of camera club members joined us at the studio and I managed to capture one additional portrait as well.

Lifelike Emojis

I tested the faceapp and it worked pretty badly for my face. I was taking passport photo for my son and thought that I could do some face twisting and it escalated pretty quickly. At post I presented the images in similar fashion than in the app with emojis.

3rd Fine Art Photography Awards

Nominee for Dystopia in Fine Art from 3rd Fine Art Photography Awards, 2017.


All That Remains

Blast from the past. I really like these doors and I returned to the crime scene almost two years later. I took just the middle part of the photo and added it to the “jail time” to get diptych that has exactly the same look. This adds quite a lot of darkness to the story but I fits to the current days.

The darkness surrounds me. I’m all alone and the pain fades slowly away. I’m finally free for all the eternity…