Fullscreen Galleria Plugin

I finally got time to add settings page to the fullscreen galleria wordpress plugin. Now it has all the features I originally planned for it so I decided to up the version to 1.0.

Fullscreen Galleria WordPress Plugin

Map for Fullscreen Galleria

Just finished map support Fullscreen Galleria. Now if photograph has gps info, title and description panel shows a globe icon. Icon opens a map that shows where the photograph was taken. By clicking the photograph below you can see it in action. Implementation usesĀ  OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap. At least where I live OpenStreetMap seems to have more detail like bigger and smaller paths. That’s good since I usually have my camera with me when wandering those smaller routes. Nicer to see photo near some path (and how to get there) than in the middle of a big green blob.