Kuopio Rock, Day 1

I was lucky to get a media pass to the Kuopio Rock. I have been in numerous festivals but this was the first time with the camera. Photographing at the front of the stage was much more hectic that I’m used to, but after getting over the initial confusion I enjoyed it very much.

These are the pictures from the first day. Day two coming later.

New Props

Starts to look like a new photo project…

Bulb Illusion

“Illusion of Light” That is the theme for this month in local camera club. I took it quite literally and made a picture that has illusionist with a light bulb. At editing stage I added glowing wire from another photo and then quite strong bleach bypass effect. I think it fits to this “dark magician” theme.


My friend loves everything with combustion engine. We took some photos about motorcycling earlier and this time it was snowmobile. We tried attaching camera to snowmobile similar that we did with the motorcycle but there was too much vibration to get long enough shutter speeds. We were on the lake near the shore and it was pretty amazing how that thing accelerates although there was soft snow on the ice.