SKsL 7. Seuracup

HM for Lost and The Army of Unknowns from SKsL 7. Seuracup, 2016, Finland.

PSA Journal – Image of the Year

PSA Journal January 2017 – Image of the Year Competitions.

1st Nordic International Digital Circuit

NFFF Gold for Blind Justice (Oslo, Norway) and PSA Gold for Lost (Helsinki, Finland) from 1st Nordic International Digital Circuit, 2016.

Obsession of Light

FIAP Bronze for Lost and FIAP Silver for Light in the Dark from Obsession of Light – 5th Vantaa Photoclub International Salon, 2016, Finland.

4th Olympic Photographic Circuit

PSA Gold for Tyranny from 4th Olympic Photographic Circuit – Salon Apollo, 2016, Greece.

3rd International Salon of Photography “Photo Artist”

Salon HM for Facepalm from 3rd International Salon of Photography “Photo Artist” 2016, Switzerland.