Mood Dial

Mood Dial

I took these photos in October but somehow I didn’t find the right inspiration to finish this image. Almost three months later everything seemed to lock in place and the image was easy to finish. Sometimes it just takes more time and taking a pause is right thing to do. When taking these images I was in a mood of not doing anything serious so I attached a fisheye lens to my camera and put a couple of reflective umbrellas on both sides. Then I just started to goof around with a radio remote. At the post process stage I got an idea to make an image where these images represent a different moods and added a dial to the picture.

Ring Light on Use

DIY Ring Light

I was bored and not mood for photography so I needed a project, something to do with my hands. There was wooden plate at storage room and I thought I will build a ring light. That should keep me busy couple of days… I used Ikea led bulbs. Not ideal but cheap and don’t break easily since the bulb is plastic. Color temperature measured from the grey card was 2650K. Not a difficult project but took some time to do it. Pictures show the building steps.

Forest Wall


I haven’t been in a mood for photography lately, but I did have my camera with me in couple of walks. Trees seem to have nice snow cover on them so got some pictures before the years end. Light in the dark picture is taken in day light but it was a bit dull so I played with it in photoshop and made it a dusk image.


5th Luxemburg International Digital Contest

FIAP HM for Mmm, Chocolate from 5th Luxemburg International Digital Contest 2014, Luxemburg.


Black Christmas

It’s that time of the year
Madness rears its ugly head
Pollution for all senses
I wish I could stay in bed
I hate all those carols
Don’t want to hear a single song
It is opium for the masses
None of which I feel to belong
I hate all that pretention
Good conscious at any price
Sweat and tears are on sale
Blood sucked by all those lies
My Christmas is black
No gifts to give, nor to receive
There is no more faith left in me
No known god in which to believe
It will be black Christmas
Just like the ones before
It feels like hell, only frozen
It will be black Christmas
Just like the ones before
Its spell I cannot get broken
My Christmas is black
There is no other way
The eve of destruction
With my life I could pay
The candle on my grave
I do not want your charity
I just wish I could see
The end of this insanity
My Christmas is black
A tunnel with no light
Boxing Day at best
At last turns to a night
My Christmas is black
And I wish it was over
My Christmas is black
And I wish I was sober
My Christmas is black
And I wish it was over
My Christmas is black
And I wish I was sober

Lyric by Jari Hämynen

… And Merry Christmas to you, too …


6th Finland International Digital Circuit

UPI HM for The Duel from 6th Finland International Digital Circuit 2014 – 1st Vihti Salon, Finland.


Tethered setup

New Studio Setup

I have an old laptop which doesn’t have a working keyboard and mouse (Fanta and keyboards don’t work together nicely). With bluetooth mouse and keyboard it’s still usable in studio so I bought a laptop stand for the tripod. Self portraits should be a bit easier now.

Gold Medal of Excellence

Trierenberg Super Circuit

Gold Medal of Excellence for Mmm, Chocolate from Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014, Austria.



When I took Yopparai pictures at the cottage weekend we agreed an another photo shoot with Antti. Since he has nice beard I was thinking badass look with some humour. I used my favourite lighting setup, two side lights and one front light. This time I used beauty dish with diffusor for the front. For the background I used Analog Efex Pro 2 which has some nice textures built in. I forgot to take setup picture and write down light settings once again. That seem to be a norm today. I’m not sure what kind of reminder I need to, so I would remember to document my work better. I photographed cigar smoke with candle which was far from ideal. Most of the smoke was just unusable puffs. I managed to get couple of usable though. I have read that incense sticks are much better for this, I have to try those some day.

Salon HM

The 4th Golden Digital Salon

Salon HM for Men from The 4th Golden Digital Salon 2014, Denmark.