Behave Little Piggy in Pentaprism Magazine

Behave Little Piggy in Pentaprism Magazine #14 – Highlights

Lightning 2000

“Sometimes action in the studio gets so heated up that strobes are just smoking.” Continuing with the humour images since I didn’t feel like doing anything serious. We found my wife’s baret when cleaning the storage and I saved it for photographic use and I thought it might fit this image quite nicely. This image was photographed in two pieces. First the self-portrait, then the smoke on the strobe. I didn’t have enough room for the back light so I did get some flare but fixed it in post. For the smoke machine I used modified electric cigarette with just the base fluid. It’s more than enough for a small studio. The real smoke machine is just too much for an space like this.

Bäd Santa

Christmas is coming so it’s time to make some images from Santa Claus. Jake asked me if I would like to take some bad santa themed images and since I already had thought something like that we moved quickly to the planning phase. I took the images in my home studio and it was a bit small for a two people shoot like this but we managed to get the shots. I already had other pictures needed for the backgrounds but I had to photograph one more for the floor texture. I usually don’t like use very saturated colours but in this case I thought this humour needs some good bright reds. And as a Finnish metal fan it’s Bäd Santa. Like Lemmy said about ö in Motörhead “I only put it in there to look mean”.

PSA Image of the Year

PSA Image of the Year 2015 / Color section

From Hell

This image started as a test if I could use melted plastic as a texture in my face. Kind of burned melted face. I used heat gun to melt the plastic over the mannequin head. I photographed the head and my head in the same light. I used little fill for the texture for the black part of the face. I’m not completely happy with the result but at least every image works as a exercise.

Frozen Rose

I got this rose with the AFCC silver badge of merit and when it was alredy quite dry I put it in milk carton with water and froze it. I put it in Ikea glass table in my home studio and tested couple of light setups to get this frozen rose image.