Interview in Stitch

Oh That's My Beard

Summer Photos

It’s seems that I often got this photo block on summer time when it’s easier to just sit in the sun and read a book. Also the summer depression seems to be annual nowadays. To fight the photo block I usually photograph something totally different. Mushroom images are from a trip to a local forest with couple of strobes and a spray bottle. Vape smoke is also an option when photographing with JP Palmunen. I kind of like the magic feel it gave to the mushroom.


PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2016

PX3 Gold for Dystopia (in Fine Art) from PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2016.



Moscow International Foto Awards 2016

Honorable mention for Mmm, chocolate (in Self-Portrait) and for Dystopia (in Fine Art) from Moscow International Foto Awards 2016.

Evil Look

Nun Horror

The problem was that do I want to stay with the same character with these pictures which had meant similar eyes for every picture. Images and my ideas were so different that I decided to go just what I think looks best in each image and not trying to do any series with these. This time I was photographing in JP’s home studio and naturally forgot to take setup pictures. First one has beauty dish above, second has octa above and the last one has octa front/left + softbox right/behind.

Broken Soldier 1

Broken Soldier

I was reading about a story how war breaks people and started thinking about this broken soldier character. My soldier has gear from many countries. Helmet and jacket from Finland, trousers from Norway, bag from Poland, gun from Russia (well it’s an airsoft gun not actually from Russia) and so on. I wanted it to be a mix of many armies since this theme is quite universal. Soldiers are usually just pawns in a bigger power game by the rulers and are the losers no matter what their nationality is. I chose the clothes underneath the uniform to be white to resemble human inside the hard outer shell of a soldier. My plans are that I’ll do more pictures with this character outside the studio this summer.