Chain Wall

Hanging Photos

I wanted to hang photos in a bit more personal way. I thought that chains would fit my style and bought black chain, curtain slide, magnets and binder clips. Small magnets hold the binder clips in chain and chains are easily movable in curtain rail. It’s really easy to add and change photos and I like how it looks. JP suggested that I would also paint that wall with blood-red paint but my wife didn’t agree…


Shiny Objects

I needed to photograph a medal and I found this tip from a photography related discussion forum. I made a cone using parchment paper used that between camera and object. Even light and no reflections from surrounding objects. Paper is not pure white so I used grey card first to get white balance reference for the Lightroom.

Day at the Gym


Camera club studio is in the air-raid shelter. These parallel bars have been there for a while and we thought that we could use these in a humour picture series. Setup was far from ideal. Our backdrop was too narrow and I wanted a camera angle that is from up down so we had to use a table and tripod to get there. After that checking pictures was awkward and I missed some things which ment I had to do more photoshop work that was planned. The first picture needed something for the upper corner and I found this neon sign photoshop 3D tutorial which worked quite nicely for that.