6th Finland International Digital Circuit

UPI HM for The Duel from 6th Finland International Digital Circuit 2014 – 1st Vihti Salon, Finland.


Tethered setup

New Studio Setup

I have an old laptop which doesn’t have a working keyboard and mouse (Fanta and keyboards don’t work together nicely). With bluetooth mouse and keyboard it’s still usable in studio so I bought a laptop stand for the tripod. Self portraits should be a bit easier now.

Gold Medal of Excellence

Trierenberg Super Circuit

Gold Medal of Excellence for Mmm, Chocolate from Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014, Austria.



When I took Yopparai pictures at the cottage weekend we agreed an another photo shoot with Antti. Since he has nice beard I was thinking badass look with some humour. I used my favourite lighting setup, two side lights and one front light. This time I used beauty dish with diffusor for the front. For the background I used Analog Efex Pro 2 which has some nice textures built in. I forgot to take setup picture and write down light settings once again. That seem to be a norm today. I’m not sure what kind of reminder I need to, so I would remember to document my work better. I photographed cigar smoke with candle which was far from ideal. Most of the smoke was just unusable puffs. I managed to get couple of usable though. I have read that incense sticks are much better for this, I have to try those some day.

Salon HM

The 4th Golden Digital Salon

Salon HM for Men from The 4th Golden Digital Salon 2014, Denmark.


Gnome's Home

Week of the Gnome

For some reason I have couple of gnome pictures for this week. Lighting was a simple one light with reflector setup, so there’s nothing special. I had this doorway photographed earlier from Puijo Tower and had an idea of a gnome standing in front of it. Gnomes live in forests, I guess, so I took some forest pictures and added the doorway to a tree. Snow image is couple of years old and I think someone told me then that you could easily see gnome peeking behind the tree. During gnome shoot I took one picture with this idea in mind and made a quick picture with the old snowy scene. To finish the gnome week I also made a studio image just from the gnome. During editing I made the gnome shorter and wider from the stomach area. Feet were given a Hobbit treatment, I made them bigger and added some hair. I modified ears to be more elf like and made eyes and nose a bit bigger but only slightly since the eye glasses were already pretty bold.



We were playing with lights in the studio and one thing that we tried was a flash light strobe mode. I moved my head from center to the left during the exposure. On a computer I mirrored the picture to get a symmetric image.



Since I already have quite a lot of hair in the mouth area I thought that I participate to movember with a photograph. We ripped a part one 4h VHS tape that has 348 meters of tape (Wikipedia) and gathered that to a ‘moustache’. I was lying on my back and camera was on a horizontal pole with a magic clamp. Lighting was simply one softbox over the head and two white boards as a fill.

Fantasy Gun

Fantasy Gun

I was looking to various drawers and there was lots of left over bolts, pipes, resistors, capacitors, network connectors, you name it. I thought that I will try make fantasy style scope to my old gun. I think I went a little bit overboard but for a left over part DIY project I’m happy.