Dystopia – Fotofinlandia Finalist

After retirement I have expressed a lot of my feelings in my photographs. It has been very therapeutic. When making this series I went through my mental journey in the past years by picturing it as a dystopian society. Little human facing a faceless society was an easy role to play. I have taken a lot of self portraits so it was obvious that I play the role of a human in these pictures myself. Looking at the world now, the pictures also work on a larger scale and not just as one man’s battle inside his head.

Työelämästä pois jäätyäni olen purkanut tuntojani monenlaisiin kuviin. Tämä on ollut hyvin terapeuttista. Sarjaa tehdessäni kävin läpi henkistä matkaani kuvaamalla sen dystooppiseksi yhteiskunnaksi, jonka pienen ihmiseen rooliin kasvottoman yhteiskunnan edessä oli helppo samaistua. Esiinnyn kuvissani usein, joten näissäkin kuvissa oli selvää, että olen itse ‘ihmisen’ roolissa. Nykymenoa katsellessa kuvat toimivat myös isommassa mittakaavassa kuin yhden miehen päänsisäisenä taisteluna.

Fotofinlandia Finalists

Self Caricature

Self Caricature

I wanted to try a caricature picture. I took several images and selected two to make the final picture. Next day I thought that I add a camera to the image and I took couple of additional images. I used puppet warp, liquify and many ways of transform a lot in this image. I’m quite happy for the result, it was my first try in caricature world after all.

An Old Photograph

Old & New

Since we had the old style scenery background at the studio when I photographed this image I wanted to try to make it look like an old photograph card. But I couldn’t help myself and I also post processed the picture like I would normally do so I ended up with two versions of the picture.

Model: Jan-Peter JP Palmunen & Badi

Big Brother


I photographed these images with gangster series. We just played with some props in the studio to make humour images. At the post processing stage I wanted to add a bit more story to the images and added backgrounds that I think takes the images more to the direction of satire. I made the star and waves backgrounds in Inkscape and imported them in photoshop which finally supports svg import. For the corporate clown background I had to also photograph couple of dollar bills. For the hunting for likes I found nice (and free) social icon font to add some social media reference to the picture.

Xmas tree study I

Christmas Pictures

What the frak. I’m taking christmas pictures. I’m really not a christmas person but since lights were out of the closest I started playing with them. Actual tree was not ready yet so I made a substitute from the studio stands. First one is taken with 24-70mm lens. Procedure was start-wait-zoom(70mm->24mm)-wait-stop. Second one was made with 70-200mm lens which has tripod collar on the lens so it can be rotated while attached to a tripod. Procedure was start-wait-rotate camera and lens while keeping zoom ring in place-wait-stop