The eyes are the mirror of the soul

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

When I was looking noose from the closet a gun fell to my feet. And not just any gun but antique replica with wooden handle that hurts quite a bit. Does not sound like a morning of a photographer but that’s how that monday morning started. I had this idea when sitting on my favourite bench at nearby pond. Not sure where it came from. Probably a mixture of pictures that I have seen somewhere and my own twisted imagination. Lighting was simple. Just a beauty dish over head.

Al-Thani Ad

Men in Al-Thani Ad

Opened my copy of Popular Photography and noticed a familiar picture in Al-Thani full-page ad.

Pat 5

Pat 5

Test setup for the new studio gear. I wanted white on white so that the front side barely separates from the background and backside is in strong shadow.

Cleaner livingroom


Since my home studio is in our living room I needed folding screens to cover all the mess that is there. I thought that maybe those folding screens could also act as v-flats. I used21x45mm wood to make the frames and stapled some cheap tablecloth vinyl to it. Backside is from 10mm thick black foamed plastic. It’s light and doesn’t let any light through it like the vinyl does.

New Theme

New Theme for the Blog

I’m releasing new theme for the blog. There are some quirks here and there but it’s usable so I decided to put it to the real use.

Pat 4

15 minute challenges

My son gives me what I call “15 minute challenges”. What that means is he gives me fifteen minutes and he wants a new photo that can be posted to Instagram. That means really quick lighting setup out of the hat or using natural light. Also post processing must be quickly done in Lightroom. For these two photos I took some time after the initial versions were done and practised processing the eyes from Phlearn video:

HM and Catalog

3e Salon International Photographique Le Catalan

Salon HM for Finger Puppets from 3e Salon International Photographique Le Catalan, France.

Shoots People for Fun

Shoots people for fun

Photographer arrested for shooting people for fun. I was on a summer holiday in Las Vegas but the year was 1998. This time I had to fake it. If you want to try mugshot of your own you can find the background svg here.

Can I play with madness

Can I play with madness

“Can I play with madness”, Yes I can and I do. I have always been a huge fan of the band “Iron Maiden” and the Eddie artwork they have. That single cover has always been a one of the favorites of mine so I though that I’ll made one self portrait inspired with that.