15 minute challenges

My son gives me what I call “15 minute challenges”. What that means is he gives me fifteen minutes and he wants a new photo that can be posted to Instagram. That means really quick lighting setup out of the hat or using natural light. Also post processing must be quickly done in Lightroom. For these two photos I took some time after the initial versions were done and practised processing the eyes from Phlearn video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arUt4khitoY

Finger Puppets

PHLEARN Weekend Inspiration

Finger Puppets

3e Salon International Photographique Le Catalan

Salon HM for Finger Puppets from 3e Salon International Photographique Le Catalan, France.

Shoots people for fun

Photographer arrested for shooting people for fun. I was on a summer holiday in Las Vegas but the year was 1998. This time I had to fake it. If you want to try mugshot of your own you can find the background svg here.

Shoots People for Fun

Can I play with madness

“Can I play with madness”, Yes I can and I do. I have always been a huge fan of the band “Iron Maiden” and the Eddie artwork they have. That single cover has always been a one of the favorites of mine so I though that I’ll made one self portrait inspired with that.

Niko’s Poster

Niko asked me to make a poster for his coming photo exhibition. He has made photos inspired by the lyrics of the Finnish band called Poets of the Fall. For the poster I tried to keep the melancholic feel found from the photos and the lyrics.

Illustrated Poems

Photography Cool


Petrified in Photography Cool

Trierenberg Catalog

Stoked to see two of my photos in full-page in Trierenberg catalog.

Petrified Layers

Short video about editing Petrified that shows all the layers (some of them in the category ‘not sure why I did that?’). If you want to see texts in Photoshop please see this in 1080p.

Apocalyptic Encounter

Rubber in gas mask that was used in ‘Life of Helmut’ shoot seems to be degrading. I still managed to get it to the styrofoam head without it breaking completely so I got this close up.

Summer Photo Walk

We held a photo walk in Kuopio centre yesterday. We had to cut it short since it started raining more heavily but managed to got some photos. My texture folder got some nice additions too.

DFM 2014

This year I participated to annual digifotomaraton held by Kuopio camera club. There were two categories, 6h and longer 48h. In longer category post processing was allowed so it suited better for me. Still making ten pictures with given themes in that time was a bit too much since I hate deadlines. Well now I have tried that and can get back to normal routine where pictures born naturally with no rush to get them ready. Themes and pictures were:

  1. Flying / Lentoon!, Falling
  2. Ei mitään rakettitiedettä / Not a rocket science, The problem
  3. Innovatiivinen kaupunki / innovative city, Innovative design
  4. Menestys / Success, Winner takes it all
  5. Valmista tekoa / Made ready, About to be ready
  6. Shelfie / Shelfie, Shelfie
  7. Aikuisten oikeesti / Really really, The Serious Obstacle
  8. Kansainvälinen / International, Travelling Man
  9. Sininen on uusi musta / Blue is the new black, The blue game
  10. Keltanokka / Yellow nose (rookie), The poor looser