Listen to your Heart

I saw this as a drawing somewhere and thought that I could be time to start doing images after the summer. Everything was on the floor (forgot to take a picture, again) and I was standing on a bench, reaching over the target. On a computer I didn’t like the paper colour I selected so it changed and the cord was way too long so it was shortened.

Rock and Roll featured in 1x Magazine

Rock and Roll featured in “Rock Is Not Dead – Black Hole Sun” – Magazine.

18 years

I was watching Joel Grimes video about his one light portrait setup and since my son just turned 18 we gave it a try. I usually like to shoot portraits with a long lens but the wide-angle seems to work too. This could be especially handy on the road in small places. Just light, beauty dish and a black sheet.

Squirrel in an Apple Tree

Summer is the time to take pictures that I don’t usually take. I was sitting on the backyard swing when I noticed this squirrel climbing on an apple tree that is in a full bloom. I rushed to get my camera and took some pictures. These squirrels are actually a bit of nuisance since their are so domesticated that they run over the table, grill and such all the time. Only plus point is that they are very easy to photograph.


Back to the dark. I don’t get bored to photograph this vintage Kalloflex camera. It’s just so photogenic…

Furure Ahead

I don’t usually do graduation pictures but since I was helping Markku to take one I thought that I grab one myself too. I wanted to include a bit of a story to the image like I usually do and since he is going to study physics I added some formulas to the wall which I made with a sharpie on a white paper and added in post.